At our clinic we have successfully treated more than 10000 people, many of them very severe cases. We have adopted an individual approach for treating all these patients. No two patients were treated alike in our clinic as we have adopted following process of treating them.

1) Actual height and weight is calculated. Based on this an ideal required weight is derived and accordingly a target is set.

2) Medical History / Problems are also studied to determine the Obesity type and level of obesity related disease.

3) A target is set which is just not loosing weight in kgs/pounds but also trimming in inches.

4) Regular diet and Eating habits are studied. New diet is recommended along with medicines ensuring that the patients do not have to go in for a diet which is out of their way, and is not easy to prepare. Family’s normal routine is not disturbed.

5) Ayurvedic Medicines which are given for treatment of obesity are not only effective but very safe. Further we test them clinically to ensure the quality assurance of the medicines.

On an average if medicines are properly consumed and diet strictly followed, we have observed that patients loose ½ to 1 Kg per week. More in some cases. However, Inch loss is more as compared to loss in weight.