Mr. Paresh Patel:
Employee in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)
“Eating was something which I couldn’t stop. With this treatment I can eat and loose weight. All the other treatment which I had done before this, went in vain because I never had dedicated time for them, but with Slim-n-Fit treatment I got very good results without getting my regular work schedule disturbed”

Mrs. Dipika Ratore:
“It was excellent, Feeling good with myself. I tried every possible workout to loose weight, but initially there was a little weight loss and then back to square. But with this treatment achieved my target weight”

Ms. Soniya Gupte:
Head Customer Service – Reliance Logistics
Very happy with the treatment and results, My legs would swell up and I would get tired easily. With this treatment my problems were cured.

Ms. Archana J:
Asst. Manager (Customer service) ICICI Bank
“Confidence Levels High……….Feels good”

Mrs. Shubhangi Godbole:
Television Anchor on D.D and Astrologer
“I have full faith and trust in Dr. Seema’s treatment and I know I will reach my target weight only with her”

Mr. Abdul Rahim:
Owner of “House of Eggs”
“ Best thing happened to me in my whole life. This is the best way to lose weight. Best gift of my life”

Mrs. Barkha Roy:
Producer & Director
“I was very fat and depressed. I have lost my weight, Thanks to Seema, I owe her everything. Keep it up Seema, God bless you.”

Mr Jitendra Soneji:
Catering Manager – Jet Airways
“I was 98 kilo’s, in the month of Feb ’07.
It was a very good experience to consult Dr Seema, who helped me reduce to 75 kgs.
I am very thankful to Dr Seema, who has taken this effort in treating me to reduce my weight.